Author Maureen M GavanI AM … Author & Speaker … ADvocate™ for Families … Counselor and Consultant …
I AM screeching for Kindness & Peace AND preaching: Love Is an ACTION Verb!
I AM teaching Betty’s Tips™ to brains of ALL ages: So much we CAN do in JOY!
I AM endeavoring in engaging Life, empowering Lives, AND embracing Souls.
I AM Spirit FUNdraising™ for Charity AND Stalking Friends — in good ways!
I AM shooting (with a camera), positing in poor Poetry, AND posting in brief.
I AM spinning tales AND as many plates as I can to keeping gifting Gifts.
I AM INFJ AND a Gemini … as AM I! ; )

I AM … period.

ADvocate™ by Compellment. The Brain Whisperer™ by circumstance. Entrepreneur by chance. Sometimes-unyielding in stance. Oft far afield for romance butAND I love to write Love — in memoirs, fiction and nonfiction, poetry, plays … all with a Medium-sized twist.
I’m engaging — and decrying: How can WE not?! — @BettyLove. I’m Love-ing and Hope-ing @MediumMairin. I’m rarely posting on Facebook butAND I’m writing at Medium.com – for both sides of Heaven. Of course I AM!* ; )
In ALL, I’m ADvocating for Betty’s Families just like yours — empowering with ALL we CAN do in JOY despite brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, depression, autism, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, PTSD, CTE, stroke, MS, ALS, cancer … ALL the too-many things unconscionably still causing Thinking Not Working.™
Betty’s Tips™ are always free to families!
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Memoir as Fundraiser for The Friends of Wombwell Cemetery ©2016 by Maureen M GavanMy latest Benefit eBook?
★★★★★ — on both sides of the Atlantic!

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Thank you, also, for journeying with me toward a ‘sweet spot’ between contemporary and literary writing….

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