Know someone needing Hope? Love? JOY?

From 'The' Betty & me: "Consider yourself hugged!"Simply say:
“I’M here.”
“YOU Are Loved.”
Need Betty’s Tips™ for Children, Families, & Caregivers?
They’re YOURS.

Meantime, from My Mom, ‘The’ Betty, and Me:
“Consider Yourself Hugged!”



NO Medium
or Partner
or Family
or Friend
or Colleague
or Counselor
or Leader
or Priest
or Pastor
or Rabbi
or Vicar
or Imam …
NO ONE has words sufficient.
Seeing leaders spiral into Mental Illness.
Bleeding at Loved Ones’ cutting distress.
Feeling Missingness for Mums & Dads.
Grieving hoped-for Love we never had.
Mourning Lives of dusk and dawn.
Honoring Heroes 100 years on.
Losing Unconditional Love.
Living a loss of a Child.
NO ONE has words
There are none.
Closure’s a lie.
There is none.
Waking to news of more baited hate, I’m praying for America’s Children.
Millennials filming, who still don’t not notice.
how-many young people are lost,
without notice or reason
There is none.
Kids not knowing right from wrong
because it isn’t lived at home.
Parents posting, still not noticing
Children afraid – needing kissing
and comforting, not dismissing –
and need help understanding
the un-understadable.
YES – because:
How can they?
How can WE?
There is an antidote: Unconditional Love.
May I – always and in all ways.
May WE. May America.
May OUR World, too.
Will YOU?
Love says,

Shall WE?

Updated August 15, 2017, the historical Feast Day of Unconditional Love.
Nothing happens by coincidence. And yes, Synchronicity’s a thing.
LOVE always TRUmps Hate!
Updated World Environment Day 2017
We CAN Change OUR World. LET'S!Global Warming. Worldwide unnecessary instability. Unconscionable vitriol. Unabashed Hate. Horrific events perpetrated by President TRUmp, his like, and terrorists alike against and across OUR America and around OUR World.
Crimes. Against. Humanity.
My Birthday’s this week.
Celebrating my lifelong belief – Love IS!™ – and my decades-long commitment to families like yours – SO much we CAN do in JOY-with-Love!™ – I’m moving to all’n’only Love.
I still decry Donald TRUmp. I’ll forever deny Misogyny, Xenophobia, Racism, Hate…his obvious deluded disdain for TRUTH. I defy his Family’s and Administration’s favoring power and greed over Right. AND I’ll KEEP praying for them all.
I believe the only REAL parts of “@ realDonaldTrump” include his Narcissistic Personality Disorder, emotional instability, and now-glaringly obvious UNhealthy brain. Laughingstocks TRUmp and too-many more like he may be – i.e., IS and ARE – butAND:
Mental Illness is NO laughing matter. I truly DO #Pray4DJT and, especially for his Daughter.

My Three Birthday Wishes

Pray with me for TRUmp, et al.
Demand with me: TRUTH.
AND: Simply LOVE!
Thanks – times three.😊


Betty’s Tip™ – Love CAN Change the World!

We CAN Love – LET’S!
WELCOME Refugees
HELP One Another
FEED Strangers
HUG Children
VISIT Seniors
BE Kindness
Act TOGETHERly – “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” – i.e., treat ALL as US.

Shall WE?

We are ONE World. We’re in ONE Boat. Together. TOGETHERly.
And yes, I make up words all the time – not in disrespect or even attempting wit but with a need to capture a thought, feeling, experience. I actually love actual words – not as weapons but for expression and their learning power.
Want more of mine? I write at Of course I do; I’m a Gemini and INFJ, too. And yes, I’m a Medium. So are you.
Doubt ME? Dare YOU….
Post updated 21 March 2017
Three things happened in brilliant succession to help me Worry NOT – or, at least, Stress LESS.

I find NO joy in Donald TRUmp’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder and pathological lies and behavior. I decry his Hate, Misogyny, Racism, Xenophobia, IDiocy, INability, UNstability, UN-Constitutional Fraud … his INcapacity for distinguishing FACT from FICTION (and “Alternative Facts” within the latter lie) … his seeming Unwillingingess to put ALL Americans’ Common Good before his wants (or wont or his “winning” the “game” or “making a deal” or at whatever he’s playing).
Laughingtock? Clearly Donald TRUmp IS.
Mental Illness is NO laughing matter. Like many who suffer brain disease (as is mental illness) or addiction, he seems “constitutionally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands rigorous honesty” … or of acting in ways worthy of The Office of President of The United States of America … or to, simply, choose to tell the TRUTH.
Still and always: I DO #Pray4DJT – AND his Family, too.
It’s what Christians’ Jesus would do: “Love ALL Neighbors – as yourself.”
It’s What Love Does™

Thank YOU for using YOUR Voice for Good

… AND for standing with me as I did AND WILL DO – if less in a RANT or even a RAIL, except as I have for nearly 30 years on behalf of YOUR Family’s Brains.
You still can follow my now-rarer Rants-with-Love™
… for TRUTH
… against TRUmp
… imploring the GOP
… on behalf of BRAINS – including yours

Meantime, please remember these Betty’s Three Things™

Original Post: 11 January 2017
When, two days before America’s infamous election, I first tweeted this challenge – “LOVE Your Neighbor As Yourself” – it pertained to what some consider “impossible” to believe: LOVE and HATE are as REAL and as polarizingly opposite as God AND Evil AND as First Lady–Senator–Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton AND self-proclaimed (and historically and almost-farcically third-person self-describing) “successful billionaire ‘The Donald'” (who I proclaim to never conflate with “President” in any conjugation or application other than preceded by “impeached”).
Today, nine days before inauguration, it seems far-more “impossible” for me – and the majority of voters and world and church leaders – to conceive that America elected an inauthentic, unqualified, inexperienced, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, fraudulent, tax- and draft-dodging, divisive, elitist, sexually predatory, assaulting, hate-mongering and -enabling, narcissistic liar to the highest office in the land and positioning, some say, the smallest of fingers near the largest of all red button(s).

What do YOU say?†

Got Love?! It's an ACTION Verb!For so many, the holidays, starting a New Year, and the dark days of January – and all the raging hate Trump and his “surrogates” are already waging – mightn’t make for “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”
For too many, worldwide uncertainty, unconscionable vitriol, and unabashed hate portending a year of viable anxiety, hopelessness, and fear. And ALL of that is Trumpeting Betty’s warning to people of ALL ages and affiliations: Trump IS BAD4Brains!™
[Pause in anecdote-as-antidote* to say: BRAVA, Meryl Streep!]
There IS a TrumpAntidote: LOVE!
We ALL can BE the change Americans, America, and OUR world need.
LOVE truly CAN reduce stress on a brain – as can JOY, Kindness, Selflessness, Service to Others, Generosity, Truth….
We CAN Love – LET’S!

  • BE Kind to Everyone
  • WELCOME Refugees
  • FEED Strangers
  • HELP Seniors
  • HUG Kids
  • PRAY for PEACE
  • Act TOGETHERly – i.e., treat ALL as “YOUR Neighbor”

  • May WE start coming TOGETHER by ACTing in the PEACE too-many REAL Heroes died to save and to restore Peace of Mind so-many of OUR Neighbors fear losing. Amen!


    You might have noticed by now that I make up words all the time – not in disrespect but with a need to capture a thought, feeling, or experience. I actually love actual words – not as gaslighters or weapons á la Trump but for expression and their learning power.
    Knowledge IS Power. Truth IS. Period – i.e., there are “no versions of the truth” despite Trump’s pretending–ranting–gaslighting otherwise. [And if you don’t know what ‘gaslighting’ means, please emPower yourself (but not about the film and only in TRUTH).]
    †So, to people across America and around the world, I say – rather, I ask perhaps-better questions:

    What do YOU choose to say (and write and tweet and post)? And SEE? And WHO?

    I invite YOU to ask those questions, too – and more – about yourself AND your Neighbors … about US and OURS. If I can help you discern either the question(s) and their answers for you and your neighbors … well, just ask. Meantime and every day….

    Make time to Just BE™

    What do YOU see? WHO??Please resolve every day to: BE kind; seek JOY; believe in America; choose Hope; make time for Mindfulness; take every opportunity to BE & BEcome; and, best of all, to Just BE™ with unique and extraordinary YOU!
    Remember: Jesus was a refugee. He did not teach or see in ‘black & white’ or perceive ‘us’ and ‘them’ as different. ALL Lives Matter. Inspire others by BEing someone who fights for Charity, Kindness, Generosity, Patience, Tolerance, Forgiveness … Love Is an ACTION Verb!™
    So I teach young adults, entrepreneurs, and clients of all ages. Texts & Tweets & Posts, etc., do NOT foster REAL conversation or relationships. Nor do pictures. So-many people spend too-much time (and Energy and Creativity) looking down at phones and electronics.
    Stop with selfies. Look UP! Look INside. It’s in there….

    Got Love?! YOU ARE!

    To the Divine therein – and in ALL our Neighbors: Namaste.
    Photography ©MMG
    SEE WHO? | Image courtesy of Microsoft Office
    Jesus does NOT Love in black-and-white!