Who AM I?!

Home we go…; )
Although I AM ‘The’ inimitable Betty’s daughter I do, alas, have but ONE brain. So, I’m pursuing TWO options for expanding my beloved Betty’s. Dare YOU with MEs?
In all I AM endeavoring – inexplicably, often against my druthers – you’ll know ONE thing for sure, which Trace Literary Agency will reaffirm:

I can’t not BE #AmWriting….

Today, I’m endeavoring in THREE areas:

In greatest part daring, successes include: Emmy® Award-winning journalism; Fortune-100 leadership, learning, and development; and start-up and nonprofit entrepreneurship.
Some might say I squandered my parents’ education funding my journalism degree. Surely, I’ve dabbled (if earnestly) in many dreams. Almost-too-many times to bear, I’ve lost hopes and dreams – and children and too-many lovers and certainly too-many family members and friends. In all, I’m almost-always swimming upstream. So I write. About it all. I can’t not.
In ALL: I stand small AND Dream BIG. I’m so-much more than one sees at a glance.
AND: Aren’t we all?
BUT: Enough about ME. I still have one Q for YOU:

Too – or SO?

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