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  • seeking exclusive, long-term relationship sans Hallmark romance;)
  • savvy enough to relish the hard work ahead;
  • smart enough to let others’ heads rule;
  • loyal like a Canada goose.

Got Brains?™

Betty’s Tips™
Practical. Proven. Positive.
Smart. Kind. Maybe even witty?
Read for yourself?
Betty’s University™
Empowering Families since 1999.
Engaging Caregivers since 2005.
Supported by award-winning research.
Designed for in-person, group, and web delivery.
54 customized programmes (so far)….
Ready? Coming soon: Betty’s Web™
Betty’s Brain Boosters™
Puzzles. Calendars. MousePads….
Creative. Clever. Cognitive.
Designed to engage brains of all ages.
Boost your brain?
Published books, essays, and SME/self-help guides include:
Ready for publication in multiple media (e.g., print, mobility, television, film) for multiple markets (e.g., US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Germany) and in multiple genres:
Life with Betty© – A Memoir in Care-with-Love™
Finding JOY© – Essay Collection of inspiring stories for Alzheimer Warriors & Caregivers
Betty’s Tips™ – practical, proven, positive publications featuring inspirational Ann’s Art™
Poetry & Photoetry Collections – in myriad thought-provoking themes
Read more about award-winning Author Maureen M Gavan.

Betty’s is a billion-dollar business.

  • Betty’s IS Brain Health.
  • Betty’s HAS worldwide brand, proof of concepts, #1 future health need, global market.
  • Betty’s OWNS exclusive rights to Parkinson’s Artist Ann’s Art (a standalone million-dollar business).
  • Betty’s ONLY needs more BRAIN power. YOURS?

Question AND Challenge: Dare YOU?

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