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#LestWeForget: Trump's practice IS Hate.

Like Guns
Global Warming
Cyber- & Bullying
UNequal Pay, ALL INequality
Smoking, Aluminum, too-many Toxins
TBI, CTE, too-little Sleep, too-loud Music …

HATE Is BAD4Brains!™

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”
—Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead (1901-1978)
Long I avoided politics in my work with families. Silly ADvocate™
On behalf of BRAINS worldwide, I beseech YOU: STILL Care! STAY informed. ACT!
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#LestWeForget What Hate Does….


Love As an ACTION Verb!™

As Mom always said, "Consider yourself hugged!"A daughter, three-times granddaughter, and six-times niece of Alzheimer’s and dementia, Maureen M Gavan – fortunate, grateful, and proud daughter of Joe and of ‘The’ Betty and founder of Betty’s and Betty’s Love – draws upon 30+ years of subject-matter and consulting expertise, world-class best practices in consulting and learning development, and award-winning investigative and creative success.  
Maureen’s earliest experience of Alzheimer’s was in 1963; her first nursing-home advocacy was in 1975; she began methodical research in 1982 (it continues daily); and she began helping other families, always for free, in 1999. Then and still: NO family – whatever their needs, wherever they live – has ever been turned away for inability to pay. 

The Brain Whisperer™

MMG & Eve at Trader Joe's 2012Maureen is recognized worldwide as an SME from Alzheimer’s to zebras.   and followed worldwide @BettysLove, she is admired for her positivity and practical, proven programs promoting brain health for all ages.  More important to Maureen, she’s lauded as an always-passionate ADvocate™ for brains and families just like yours. Best known in recent years as The Brain Whisperer™, she’d rather been known for her Love-ACTION Verb-ing and her simpler mantra: Love IS!™
Now, through private consulting, inspiring speeches, books, and blogs … at your local grocery store … in kitchen consultations and corporate lunch’n’learns … and in only 140 characters: Betty’s is THE worldwide BRAND that redirects focus to families and redefines what an Alzheimer’s / autism / caregiving CAN be: a journey filled with Positivity, Love, Hope, and JOY!
Got Brains? Join Team MMG and help change the world….
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Meantime, as ‘The’ Betty would say:

“Consider yourself hugged!”

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