Even BAD Poetry — i.e., MINE? FAB4Brains!™

No Rainbows End  c2016MMGLanguage is the #1 use of our brains and KEY to boosting children’s brains AND ensuring Moms & Dads & Grands & YOU thrive despite cognitive impairment. For example, reading Jane Austen affects regions of the brain that power language AND attention AND movement AND touch supporting longtime Betty’s Tip: AND Up!™
A 2012 study by Michigan State University’s Natalie Phillips proves that complex words – written by Poets Laureate or nonetheless poetically by poets wannabe — fire up more than just your brain’s reading ability.  
Engaging children in words and wordplay – starting with sign language before their words form – is the Top-Three Betty’s Tip™ for building healthy brains. At every age. As you might guess, I’m new at reading and comprehending and creating poetry … butAND: Old ‘Dogs’ CAN learn NEW things. Just be sure YOU: Learn UP!™

Again: Language is the #1 use of our brains.

Courage! Photography and Poetry by Maureen M Gavan Quietude. Photography and Poetry by Maureen M GavanWhat’s more:  Even in late-stage dementia,  Mom & Dad CAN learn a new language — AND CAN enJOY reading & writing poetry, too!
Just BE™-ing outside in Nature (or looking through windows in Winter) – even pretending to write or read poetry – will boost Mom’s / Dad’s brain, balance, and JOY … and sustain it for three-to-five days.
Even better: Just BE™-ing with Mom, Dad, your children, a friend will make memories your Spirits will never forget. [Pun intended.]
One of my favorite memories of Just BEing with my Mom involved her Storytelling. Read A Lovely Irish Tale© WITH Mom & Dad AND children – and watch Healing AND Learning AND JOY unfold!
Read Cracked Bells Ring True© to learn WHY it is I’m so crazy about BRAINS — and WHAT about charity scams and dementia research make MY brain SCREAM. [Yes, in warranted caps.]
Read A Prayer for Safe Passage© for soldier heroes of every generation – and call for World Peace by 2018.
Re my efforts to write Sonnets, Odes, even in Free-Verse form: If I can write poetry (or not?) …
CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS Photography and Poetry by Maureen M Gavan ©2015 MMG
… simply trying to write poetry — as I did, in this Christmas Haiku — is FAB4Brains!™

Sonnet ~ To A Poet Teach

A poet I am not. So I read Yeats
And wonder his intent and how I first
Begin to capture others’ Gifts. It waits
O’er long, my Dream to write — and so I thirst
For understanding (theirs) and finding (mine).
O! to take pen in hand, to from it flow
Verse, Poem that will inspire, engage. I dine
On daring thoughts that Poet I’ll be. I sow
From seeds planted by she — a Teacher, who
In me believes. Task mistress, she! And I
In gratitude, with pen poised, daily do
Take notes upon her thoughts. Her help: Grand. Why?
No poet — prince or pauper — could I be
without her help. And, Reader: You Are She.
Betty's Tips are always free to families in need. Contact us!Betty’s Healthy-Brain Building™ requires more than the limited-and-limiting 200 to 1,000 words most Americans average — and certainly more than my 140 characters @BettysLove.
Betty’s Mantra to Parents and Teachers: Criticism without Love in writing, attempting, posting, tweeting, etc., is not only not constructive, it’s brutality or bullying or worse. Betty’s Tip: Tweet-with-Love!™
I’m grateful to several Teachers-with-Love who continue to inspire, empower, and enCourage — Thanks, Sue & JKZ! I’ll still take poetic license … in form, in spelling, in words themselves — like bardery, construction (as a learning term), and Compellment (yes, capital- and italicized).
Thank you for sharing Betty’s Tips™ with Families needing Love, Hope, Healing…. Thanks, also, for your patience: #AmWriting in part so I CAN create compelling poetry. O’course, I’ll keep #AmWriting anyway. Right or wrong?